After 8 years in academia for a Master’s in Music Education, and 6 years in the classroom, I have decided to open my own proofreading business.

At Precision Punctuation Proofreading LLC, I will:

  • check for any errors in your papers before you submit them,
  • check for any errors in your resumes before the get the the employers desk
  • help veterans who are coming back into civilian life fix their resumes
  • double check your blog posts, before and after you click post,
  • and much more.

As a music educator who has done much research in the arena of earning a master’s degree, I am most familiar with APA style writing.

When I first got into college for my English courses, I did some MLA, but I am working to familiarize myself with that writing style again.

Chicago style is the one that I am the least familiar with, but since it’s popping up more as the preferred style in certain arenas I am working to learn that, too.

As an educator, I see the value in continuing education, and understand that writing styles evolve sometimes from year to year.

I will work to learn and stay up to date on each style to help you catch any errors in any of the three styles that I have mentioned.

While I have experience in writing ad copy and helping people revise written work, it is really my goal just to catch and highlight errors.

This is very much like your professor grading your paper for grammar, syntax, and punctuation, not the content.

As I got higher in my education, I began seeing the value in having other people give my papers one more look through before turning it in.

I assume because you are here, that you see the value in it, too.

It is my vision as the owner of Precision Punctuation Proofreading LLC to help you leave those pesky minuses behind, impress employers, and stop getting those nitpicky emails from followers who see that you missed that one comma in that one specific place.

Welcome to Precision Punctuation Proofreading LLC. I hope to work with you soon.

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